How we came to be...(strictly platonic)!

Interview: Natalie Messano and Rebekah Eldredge

The blogging moms open up

Sitting down with the “real” housewives of Idaho Falls (Ammon to be exact), kids were running chaotically through the single family home.  Rebekah bounced a baby on her hip while Natalie changed the second stinky diaper in the short few minutes I had been there.  I could tell this interview was going to be different than the typical “coffee-shop” meet and greet.

Through the constant chatter of little voices and the slamming of doors throughout the house, the ladies seemed in their element. Their hair swept up in messy buns and their casual attire complemented their genuine personalities that made us instant friends.

I think I might actually be getting to know why House of Sprinkles was created and why these two personalities blend so well together: down-to-earth housewives, moms, and witty friends.

Do you have any favorite chocolate or are you completely indiscriminate?
R: I love all chocolate. But when I really want a candy bar I want a “whatchamacallit”. I don’t want a king size one, just a regular one. Man, I really want one right now. It’s yummy.
N: (turning to Rebekah) I don’t even know what a “whatchamacallit” is.  (Rebekah pulls up a picture on Google to show her).

What was the last book you read?
N: Divergent, if you are talking about me, but if you are talking about the actual last book I read it would be the “100 Word Book” to Brooklyn (her almost two year old daughter).

So, how did you two meet?
R: Just working at the Apple (gym) nursery.
N: She was my shift leader.  We just hit it off right away.

When was that?
R: It’s just been about a year.
N: You know when you meet people that you feel like you knew before?  That’s how it was for me.
R: We kept saying we should start a blog or something and Natalie just grabbed the bull by the horns and led the march.

So what exactly do you want to accomplish with your blog?
R: Great question. Natalie?
N: Hey, thanks.  I think we both want a creative outlet where we can post about our hobbies and things that we do everyday.  There are a lot of blogs that inspire me and I just want to do that for someone else.
R: Hopefully we can inspire while having fun with our viewers and creating a successful blog.  We'd love to be able to help support our families and build for the future while keeping title of wife and mother our number one priority.
N: Ideally, it will be fun and beneficial. 


What will the average viewer come away with after visiting your blog?
R: Hmmm.  I always think of humor. I hope they come away with a little pick-me-up and some humor.  Our goal is to add fun, color, and laughter to the monotony of everyday life.  Being a mom is hard, being anything is hard, and we want to make that easier.
N: I think there are times when I’m overly hard on myself.  I always think of what I’m not doing and what I can be better at.  I just want people to know they are doing okay and come away with a sense of hope know that who they are is just fine.  They don’t have to be perfect.
R: Perfection is for 'lettuce-heads' (taking her hand and forming a 'L' on her forehead).

The sign that is commonly used as 'loser' translates in sign language to head of lettuce.  We end the interviewing laughing and I'm excited to see what these two crazy women come up with.