Paper Pumpkin

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Have you ever heard of Paper Pumpkin? It's pretty much my new favorite thing. Paper Pumpkin is from Stampin' Up! and they have created something awesome. Each month, you get this cute little red box in the mail. Inside is everything you need to make handmade cards. Seriously, everything you need is right there in the box. When you don't have a lot of time, but still like to craft, this is perfect!

I decided to give it a try even though all 3 of my littles were awake - normally this means no crafts. Even with the million interruptions I was still able to make these cute cards in no time flat. The best part was that I really enjoyed doing it! I could follow their instructions step-by-step, or I could throw in a little of my own touches.

My parents always tell me that all they want for birthdays/holidays is a handmade card. Sometimes Always that is hard for me to do. I have to pull out all of my craft stuff, figure out what I'm going to do by searching through Pinterest, make sure I have everything, find the time to sit down and do it without little hands, clean up my gigantic mess.....

Paper Pumpkin solved all of those problems. This is something I'm looking forward to doing each month. Not only do I get to make cute cards and have a little creative time, but I will also have cards on hand for the special people in my life. Go check it out!