My Favorite LDS Books for Kiddos

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I'm always on the lookout for books that I can take to church to keep my kids busy and keep them learning. I know there are lots of great books out there and I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you. 

I'm starting with my kids' favorite book, a little gem I found and almost didn't buy. Man am I glad I did! This book is very well used and is often fought over during Sacrament meeting. The pages are filled with flaps that keep little fingers busy, and each page has a letter associated with something from the Book of Mormon. This book is a keeper and one I will probably give as gifts. It's a must have with little kids.

The board book Beautiful Savior is a great book for Sacrament meeting. The pictures by Greg Olsen are gorgeous and the book invites the spirit. I try and read this book to my kids while the Sacrament is being passed so we can focus on the Savior. 

We love the "My First Book of Mormon Stories" books and all of the books in the series. We use these for FHE a lot as well. I like the board book version because little fingers can't tear the pages, but they have them in paperback for older kids.

This book is a classic and I love the message of it. It comes in both board books and hardback. We have both! This book is one my favorites to read to my kids.

Along with You Are Special, You Are Mine is also a great book by Max Lucado. We have both the board book and the hardback of this book and I stick the hardback in our church bag regularly.

The next two books are books with beautiful pictures of Christ. I love to read them to my kids, but I don't normally take them to church with us, only because they are larger and don't fit very well in my church bag. They are good to have around for reading on Sundays and for FHE. If you have older kids, they would be a good book for them to read on their own.

This next book has been on my wish list and will probably be the next book I buy for my kids. It has flaps to keep them entertained and it teaches them how to be reverent in church. Yes, please!

What are your favorite church books for kids? I am always looking for new ideas and would love to hear some of yours!

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