My Favorite Books for Kiddos

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We like to read at our house. My kids are constantly bringing me books and begging me to read. They will bring me book after book for hours! I'm glad that they love to read, because I do to! I thought I would share some of my kids' favorite books with you.

This book is so much fun because it helps kids learn to count and they get to pop the buttons at the same time! It's like having bubble wrap to play with! Who wouldn't love that? 

 They also have other versions of the book that I am excited to try. My kids love to pop the buttons and these are books that they will read by themselves, which is always a plus.

Touch and Feel
We love the Baby Touch and Feel books because of all of the different textures. My kids will spend several minutes on each page feeling the different animals. The "sticky" mud page is our favorite page by far.

The Tickle Monster
This book is so much fun! If you love to hear your kids laugh, this book is a must have. The kit is a little pricey for a book at $20 on Amazon, but it is worth it. The book is a hardcover book and the story is incredibly cute. It comes with "Tickle Monster" mittens that you can put on while reading the book.

Throughout the book you are instructed to tickle your little ones and my kids always squeal when they know it's coming. We LOVE this book.

Tickle Monster Laughter Kit

If you don't want the mittens, you can just get the book. Even without the mittens the book would be lots of fun.

My First
We have all of the "My First..." books. My personal favorite is the color book because it teaches lots of words while teaching each color. Each tab has a different color and everything on that page is the color of the tab. It really helped my kiddos learn their colors and they learned the names of lots of different things while reading this book.

There are several really great books in the series, including:

Tabbed Board Books: My First Numbers: Let's Get Counting! (TAB BOARD BOOKS)
Tabbed Board Books: My First Words: Let's Get Talking! (TAB BOARD BOOKS)

Now that you know my some of my favorite books for kids, I would love to hear about yours! What are your favorite books for your kids?

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