DIY Toddler Headboard with Foamology

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My daughter, Brooklyn, is terribly girly. She loves all things pink and anything to do with Princesses and Minnie Mouse. She has been sleeping in her toddler bed for a few months now and I thought it would be fun to dress it up for her. I thought a new headboard would be perfect, and I'm thrilled with the way this project turned out.

This project was incredibly easy because I used a brand new product called Foamology! I used the Pokeadot Foam and it really helped make this project simple and perfect for a headboard.

I started with the foam, some beads, and some pink silky fabric. I wanted it to look like a Princess bed and I thought the shimmery fabric would be perfect. I measured the headboard and realized that I would need a little bit more foam. I simply got another piece of foam and cut the length I needed. It was really easy to cut using scissors. I was actually surprised at how simple it was.

A little hot glue was all it took to stick it to the main piece of foam. 

I laid the fabric over the foam and centered it.

This next part was so much easier than I thought it would be. All I did was poke the fabric through the pre-cut holes in the foam. I made sure to poke it all the way through the back of the foam until I could see the fabric coming out the back.

Once all of the fabric was poked through the holes, I took the paper off the back and wrapped the fabric like a present. You can watch how easy it is to do here.

I wanted to put some cute beads in each of the holes to dress it up a little. Although the beads would have stayed by just pushing them in, I knew Brooklyn would be tempted to play with them. I decided to sew them to the fabric. It only took a few minutes and the bead were secured so I knew she wouldn't be able to pull them out while she laid in bed at night. 

Now my headboard was done! Yay! 

To put it on the bed, I just removed the paper backing and stuck it to the frame. Simple as that! 

I love it and so does Brooklyn. The Foamology foam was so easy to use and this video was easy to follow.

You can follow Foamology on Facebook or Fairfield World on Pinterest to see lots of great ideas. I have a whole list of things I would love to do with this foam, especially since it is so easy to work with. 

The best part is that you can save 25% off of foamology products by using the promo code 14FOAM25 when you checkout at Now you can get started on your own project!

I would love to know what you would use this foam for! Tell me in the comments some of your great ideas!

(This post is a sponsored post and House of Sprinkles was compensated for testing this new product. The opinions and experiences with the product are our own.)

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