'Rockstar' Mom

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My husband, Mark, calls me a 'Rockstar' Mom.  I wish this was because I was a total hottie with an unlimited budget for travel, fashion and food.  But, the meaning happens to be just a tad-bit different.  You see, what makes me a  'Rockstar' Mom is...
I have 'Groupies' that follow me to the bathroom 
& I'm always in demand!!!

The fact is, motherhood is the toughest and greatest work you will ever do.  It completely runs the gamut of all things emotional and physical, thus, there is nothing else like it.  Although being a mother is work, it is our greatest work and we are taught to find joy in our work.  I am blessed to be a mom to five lovely (crazy) children.  They each bring something unique to our family dynamic and I am humbled that God has entrusted them to my care. There are many reasons I love being a mom, and some reasons that make it less desirable, but attitude is everything and these are some of the many reasons I love it:

infant fingers circling mine - snuggle bug mornings - giggles - big brown adoring eyes - Looking smart when doing elementary homework - sun-kissed noses - shower time with the cutest bodies on the planet - laughter from underdog swings  - growing testimonies of the gospel of Jesus Christ - do-it-yourself, 1 year old, soup eaters - language expressed in funny, witty ways - hugs   - popcorn eating, movie watching family time  - mismatched style  - "Mom, I like you." - power of a kiss to heal - unconditional love - blessings from God - being a favorite - being a friend - being a hero 
- simply being a mom!

HaPpY Mothers Day and lots of love to all mom's everywhere!

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