One Mom's Fitness Story - Couch to 5K

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I hate running. Seriously, hate it. But after having Little Miss M, I need to get back in shape. With summer coming and the weather slowly getting warmer, my good friend (and neighbor), Anndrea, and I decided to start running. Our goal - to run a 5K this summer.

Last summer, my hubby and I ran the Color in Motion 5K in Rexburg. It was a blast! My husband is an amazing runner, and running a 5K was no biggie for him. He didn't have to train or run in advance - he just did it. I told him he didn't have to run with me and he ended up finishing waaaaaay before I did. I was 18 weeks pregnant with little M, and I pretty much walked most of it. I had little spurts of jogging, but not much.

This year I want to be able to run the entire 5K without stopping. The Color in Motion 5K is July 5th and we are starting now! We actually started last week using an app called, Couch to 5K. It slowly starts getting you ready to run a 5K and we are doing it!
I'm going to keep posting about my progress as we get closer. If you want to join me, do it! Let's get in shape! Believe me....if I can do it - so can you!