GIVEAWAY - Fledge Feet and Maxi Skirts by Jen!

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We are super excited to announce our very first giveaway! We have two incredible companies that are here to share their products with our readers. Are you excited?!? You should be!

Callie and I were college roommates way back in the day and I love her to pieces. It's hard to believe that we are done with that phase of our lives - both married with little ones running around. Callie designs and makes the most adorable shoes for youngsters and I can't wait to grab a pair for my little Miss M.    

 "Fledge Feet shoes are handmade, fold-down, high top style shoes for babies and toddlers. They have soft soles, allowing tots to use their toes in balancing as they learn to walk. They come in a durable, genuine suede sole for little ones who are learning to walk or are already walking. We use suede soles in the making of our shoes because it provides better traction than other soft sole options, which is why it is used on the bottom of many dance shoes. When it becomes smoothed over after some wear, it can easily be re-roughened with a piece a sandpaper or rubber to restore it's traction.  Fledge Feet shoes are also available in a fleece-lined, faux suede slipper style for babies who are not yet walking around. Each shoe is made with canvas material outside and 100% cotton fabric inside and all fabric is pre-washed in dye free and scent free detergent. Our shoes also have an elasticized ankle, which makes them easy to get on, and they stay on. They are an original design, created by us. They are available at FledgeFeet or on etsy at our shop :Fledgefeet."

Jen is a friend of ours that has the most adorable maxi skirts. She has generously decided to give one away to a lucky reader of ours! I have a few maxi skirts and I love how comfortable they are. The winner will get to choose a maxi skirt from Jen's inventory. You can see what she has by visiting her Facebook page.

Do you want to win a maxi skirt or a pair of FledgeFeet shoes? Enter the giveaway below and share it will all of your friends! The giveaway will run through Sunday and we will announce the winners on Monday. Make sure you check back! :)

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