Fantastic Paint Party

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Simple ways to make a Fantastic Paint Party!

Most children enjoy painting and I find parties easier if there is a theme and an activity for the kids to engage in.  This party was very simple and the kids enjoyed themselves.

You Will Need:
- Birdhouses
- Paintbrushes
- Vinyl Tablecloth
- Terra Cotta Pots
- Sticks
- Faux Bird or Butterflies (optional)
- Candy - Food - Birthday Cake!
- Smiles

Most of the items we purchased were from Michael's, with coupons of course.  We primed the birdhouses so the paint would go on easier and the kids wouldn't need so much.  The table was set with a vinyl tablecloth and painted terra cotta pots, full of candies, with painted sticks stuck in them and clip-on decorative birds.  Although, I don't have a picture of the invitations we attached a small paintbrush to them for character.  We served simple kid friendly picnic food and allowed time later for cake and presents! 

Enjoyable & Easy!

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