Everything Will Be Okay

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        Everything Will Be Okay

When I was an infant, my mother said,
     My eyes looked worried as she rocked me to bed.

She felt I was missing and longing for home,
     Home with my Heavenly Father, the only one I had known.

She told me then, that all would be well,
     That now was my time on earth to dwell.

She would take care of me, I was her child.
     And I relaxed in her arms, comforted, and smiled.

Ever since then she's helped me along,
     I learned to be smart, confident and strong.

I was taught to be kind and loving to all,
     I had guidance, acceptance and love through it all.

And the thing most important, that my mother has taught...
     (It is something to me, that means quite a lot.)

My Mom's testimony, that through thick and thin,
     Through good times and bad times and struggles within.

Through trials and sadness there ever has been,
     A loving Heavenly Father and Jesus, Savior of men.

She taught me this truth, with her faith she did say,
     Don't worry dear daughter,
             "Everything Will Be Okay!"

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